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Our Story

I grew up playing sport and being active and I loved it. I wore a uniform that let me play as hard as I wanted to and still look and feel like me at the end of the day. Sometimes, when you put on the right gear, you can feel unstoppable.

When I walked into an all female gym in 2016 for the first time, I struggled to find anything which was made for me, gear which was both comfortable, modest and fashionable. I also realised all women, regardless of race or culture deserved diverse workout gear which was high performing, comfortable and versatile – it was in that moment, the idea of Medina Activewear was born. An activewear range which would uniquely combine modesty, style and premium performance.

I wanted to create a range that gave women more options. Activewear with more body coverage – from trendy long tanks to scuba hoodies and lightweight functional jackets. A wearable range that could endure the most rigourous workout and let a woman walk right back out to her life without needing a change of clothing. Activewear which would also include light breathable sport hijabs for women who wanted to keep their hair covered without any fuss.

My vision was for Activewear which celebrated diversity and strength for women. Activewear you could work and live in.

Like I said, sometimes, when you put on the right gear, you can feel unstoppable – chances are, if that gear is Medina Activewear, you’re already halfway there.


Rima Eid
Medina Activewear